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Showing the Love RSV/NC/NEWRO

Showing the Love RSV/NC/NewRo

by Ted Nelson posted 10/15/2018

RCPW Cheer Showcase

by Ted Nelson posted 10/15/2018
RCPW Cheer Showcase Results

Rockland County Show Case Rocks

Great Job Everyone Trenton Here We Come


Valley Cottage Indians Champions

Orangetown Patriots 2nd Place

JPW Small PW2

New City Rams Champion

New Rochelle YTL 2nd Place

JrVar Med PW2

Monroe Woodbury Crusaders Champion

Suffern MIdget Mounties 2nd Place


Overall Top Score of the Day

Monroe Woodbury Crusaders JrVar

Top Score Categories


Highest Overall Monroe Woodbury Crusaders JPW

Highest Jumps Monroe Woodbury Crusaders JPW

Highest Stunts Valley Cottage Indians

Highest Choreography Monroe Woodbury Crusaders JPW


Highest Overall Monroe Woodbury Crusaders JrVar

Highest Jumps Fallsburgh Comets

Highest Stunts Orangetown Patriots

Highest Choreography Monroe Woodbury Crusaders JrVar


Highest Overall North Rockland Raiders Varsity

Highest Jumps North Rockland Raiders Varsity

Highest Stunts North Rockland Raiders Varsity

Highest Choreography North Rockland Raiders Varsity


Congrats to all our Winners in the Ring Category Top Overall PW1 PW2 PW3

Thanks you to Mid Hudson for Joining Us 

We Are Rockland


by Ted Nelson posted 10/23/2017
Rockland County Rocks Empire

Rockland County Rocked at Empire State Classic Cheer Competition

We Are Rockland

Monroe Woodbury - JPW Large PW1 - Champion
Valley Cottage - JPW Small PW 1 - Champion
New City - JPW Small PW2 - Champion
North Rockland - PW Large PW3 - Champion
Valley Cottage - PW Small PW1 - Champion
Monroe Woodbury - JV Medium PW2 Champion
Suffern - JV Medium PW2 - 2nd Place
North Rockland - Varsity Small PW3 - Champion
New City - Varsity - Large PW2 - Champion
High Scores
Monroe Woodbury JPW - PW1  Jumps
Monroe Woodbury JV - PW2 - Jumps Choreography, Overall PW2
North Rockland PW - PW3 - Jumps, Choreography, Stunt
North Rockland Varsity - PW3 - Overall PW3
Monroe Woodbury JV PW2 - Highest Overall Score

by Ted Nelson posted 10/16/2017
Do You Believe in Magic?!

Do You Believe in Magic?!


It all started with a dream. The Magic is a cheerleading team of eight children from the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District. For years, Jean Turco was Cheer Director of Monroe Pop Warner. She dreamed of starting a team for special needs children, but didn’t know where to begin. She along with Helen and Lori Rendos of New City, New York began to formalize this concept. They reached out to members of our community with special needs children; some of whom saw their sisters cheer for years but would only watch from the sidelines. They realized there was indeed an interest and the Magic team was born.


“The ’MAGIC’ Pop Warner Challenger squad with determined spirit and pride was asked to perform at Pop Warner National Championships in Orlando, Florida. These kids have put their heart and soul into every skill that has been taught to them.  Their performance is truly Magic,” says Coach Joan Eiler.


In addition to Joan, Jean, Helen and Lori, there are many other people who have helped with this team; Joan’s daughters Olivianna and Amber, June Newcomb and her daughter, Alexis and several Varsity cheerleaders who are “buddies” to these girls on the mat: Sam Clark, Olivianna Eiler, Lauren Friedman, Alyssa Hopkins, Alexis Newcomb, Stephanie Sullivan, and Olivia Torres. It is a group effort that is heartwarming and enriching for all involved. Dedicated coaching staff consists of: Jean Turco, Helen and Lori Rendos, Joan Eiler, June Newcomb, Amber Eiler and Lauren LaBella.


The girls performed at the Eastern Region Championships in Trenton, NJ on November 7th and have now been given an invitation to perform at the National Championships in Orlando, FL.


Pictured: From left to right (standing): Lauren LaBella, Alexis Newcomb, June Newcomb, Lauren Friedman, Alyssa Hopkins, Sam Clark, Olivia Torres, Amber Medina, Kaitlyn Schaffer, Amber Eiler, Erin Donnelly, Shannon Murphy, Amber Danson, Stephanie Sullivan, Jean Turco, Joan Eiler, Helen Rendos

From left to right (kneeling): Lori Rendos, Olivianna Eiler, Logan Whitfield, Valeyne Murray, Michaela Torres


by posted 11/12/2015
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